Project Description

This family is a loving and humble family of six. The father, who suffers from a heart condition, is unable to work due to his illness. The mother is left taking care of the children, two boys and two girls aged 13 and under.

The family lives in Hamad Town in a house provided by the government. Their house is in terrible condition because it’s old and run down. It has three bedrooms, two toilets and a living room, which is 2 x 4 meters. The flooring in the rooms is old and peeling, the furniture is very old and often unusable, there is little to no storage space. Due to their leaking roof, there is fungus growing on the walls and the paint is peeling due to humidity.

The most unfortunate thing about this house is that it has no kitchen, and as a result they have created a makeshift kitchen on the side of their house. The mother suffers in the heat while cooking, and it is extremely unhygienic as the exhaust of the bathroom blows into the kitchen. It is also a part of a garage filled with spare parts and broken items.

Their house is in serious need of refurbishment and a new kitchen where they can cook meals in a clean and healthy environment.

Item’s that Have Been Donated in Store

After Pictures


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